I enjoy puzzle hunts, and I've written puzzles for various hunts over the years. I write for the Galactic Puzzle Hunt, an annual online puzzle hunt that I help run and organize. I have a fondness for unusual, interactive puzzles that test the solver on entirely new skills. I've also developed some tools to assist in solving some standard puzzle types.

I wrote a reflection on my experiences running the 2021 Mystery Hunt.

(This page is under heavy construction as I add stuff from Mystery Hunt. Sorry for the mess!)

My Favorites
Love at 150 km/h, a luge dating sim with three routes. (2021)
Peaches, a game show with Bowsette and her friends. (2019)
The Wepp Perflontus Bake Off, about cooking for aliens. (2018)
Puzzle Tools
Crossword Parser: Turn an image of a grid puzzle into a Google Doc in 10 seconds.
Monkey: Lightning-fast conversion to and from common alphabets.
Other Puzzles
Holistic, about puzzle games made by increpare. (2019)
Light Box, about illuminating a mysterious box. (2018)
Word Search, an interactive word-guessing game. (2018)
Overtime, about 2017's Galactic Puzzle Hunt puzzles. (2018)
Thunk!, about making noise with a box. (2017)
Famous by Association, about naming startups in Silicon Valley. (2017)
Stephen's Speed Run, a PuzzleScript demake of one of my favorite games. (2017)
Mystical Seed of Harmony, a text-based adventure. (2012)