I enjoy puzzle hunts, and I've written puzzles for various hunts over the years. I currently write for the Galactic Puzzle Hunt, an annual online puzzle hunt that I help run and organize. I have a fondness for unusual, interactive puzzles that test the solver on entirely new skills.

In addition to writing, I've developed some tools to assist in solving some standard puzzle types. I'm also working on a long essay about puzzle design called On Puzzles. It focuses on construction of puzzles and puzzle hunts, why people solve them, and what it means for a puzzle to be "fun".
Puzzles I've Written
Peaches, a game show with Bowsette and her friends. (2019)
(One of my favorites!)
Word Search II, the sequel nobody asked for. (2019)
Holistic, about puzzle games made by increpare. (2019)
The Wepp Perflontus Bake Off, about cooking for aliens. (2018)
(One of my favorites!)
Light Box, about illuminating a mysterious box. (2018)
Word Search, an interactive word-guessing game. (2018)
Overtime, about 2017's Galactic Puzzle Hunt puzzles. (2018)
(Warning: sound on autoplay)
Thunk!, about making noise with a box. (2017)
Famous by Association, about naming startups in Silicon Valley. (2017)
Stephen's Speed Run, a PuzzleScript demake of a computer game. (2017)
The Missing Link, a wordplay puzzle. (2014)
Mystical Seed of Harmony, a text-based adventure. (2012)
Puzzle Tools
Crossword Parser: Turn an image of a grid puzzle into a Google Doc in 10 seconds.
monkey: Lightning-fast conversion to and from common alphabets.