Below are some of the projects I've worked on recently. Additional information for any project (or the project itself, if applicable) is accessible by clicking on its link below.
Arcadia, about a girl in a mysterious arcade.
BeatBlock, a rhythm platformer with pounding music.
Kitter Quest, a puzzling adventure game in a world of cute kittens.
The Little Robot that Could, a dungeon crawler shoot-em-up with unique
weapons to discover.
Sugar Rush, an RPG I made with nine others in a class at MIT.
Turtle Bridge, a remastered port of an old Game Boy game.
A small (untitled) pitch recognition game backed by machine learning.
Other Projects
Nova, a powerful library for writing 2D games in Haxe.
I help organize and write puzzles for the annual Galactic Puzzle Hunt.
(Link is to a separate page of all the puzzles I've written.)
I write problems and coach for the USA Computing Olympiad, a high school computer science contest for students across the US.
My team's BattleCode bot for the competition in 2014, which won third place.
(Link is to a video of the tournament).
This website! Coded from scratch.